The EnerG²

Every now and then, innovation requires simplicity and EnerG² is the perfect example of this with it simple concept yet effective function.

EnerG² is a device that was developed by The Madison Energy Group and contains a non-toxic, food safe gel compound that has similar thermal properties to that of food and beverage.  It is therefore, not subject to the same wider and more volatile standard of deviation in temperature that ambient air is. 

The technology of EnerG² is based on the fact that food and beverage products contain significantly differently thermal properties than air.  This means that their temperatures rise and fall at different rates and at different intervals.  This causes inefficiency in operation because typical measurement is of the environment (air) and not the actual food and beverage product.  Air, having very little density, fluctuates with more volatility thereby causing the coolers to engage in cooling cycles unnecessarily, while EnerG² simulates the stable temperature curve of food product and allows the cooler to operate only when it needs to. This not only reduces energy consumption by 15-25% but also compressor cycles by 40-60%.

15-25% kWh reduction
-$400-$800 annually

40-60% compressor cycle reduction
-Extended life of equipment

12 Month Return on Investment

Significant Reduction in CO2 emmissions

Proven technology / Independently tested and verified

Eligible for both utility rebates and financing

Installation is simple / 5-10 minutes

Lifetime Warranty

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