Give Your Clients the Best the Industry Has to Offer

Becoming a strategic partner of Madison Energy gives you the ability to offer your clients the highest value energy efficiency technologies and services in the industry.

Joining our ranks not only gains you access to a proven portfolio of technology and services, but the unparalleled support and resources of an established partner. Madison Energy dedicates itself to ensuring the success of its Channel Partners and Distributors by providing all the sales and technical support necessary throughout the client engagement process.

Our Mission

Madison Energy was designed to deliver solutions that your clients can depend on

OUR Tech

An innovative portfolio of proven energy efficiency technology with the highest value in the industry

Our Edge

Our process combined with our expertise will help set you apart from all others

Partner With Madison

When you partner with The Madison Energy Group, you are able to leverage a foundation that has been built over the last decade that includes a history of successful client acquisitions, solid project management and streamlined sales processes, all while maintaining your independence and client relationships.

History of Success

Madison was built from the ground up and has worked with a full range of clients from small business owners to Fortune 50 clients. Its reach has grown to 18 total countries.

Unparalleled Support

From sales presentations to detailed engineering analysis and reporting, Madison provides all the tools necessary to be successful.

Industry Expertise

Our team of seasoned industry executives and engineers have built a platform from which you can expand your business and add value to your clients.

Maintain Independence

Fly under your own banner while having your client relationships protected. This gives you independence while still having the benefits of partnering with a larger firm.

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