Utility Rebates and Incentives

The Rebate / Incentive Opportunity

Throughout the US, public utilities offer rebates and incentives for various forms of energy projects that meet certain criteria. Rebate amounts vary based on individual utility programs and can be structured as either prescriptive or custom programs with specific deadlines by which projects must be applied within.

Prescriptive Rebates are standard amounts for mainstream equipment and technology while Custom Rebates can offer more but have some additional requirements. In every case available, Madison pursues the Custom Rebates to ensure that we are getting our client every dollar possible.

Madison Energy’s entire portfolio of technologies are eligible for utility rebates by either prescriptive or custom programs.

Rebate / Incentive Process

The rebate filing process can vary from utility to utility, and requires a predetermined process accompanied by specific forms and calculations. Madison’s experts will navigate the entire process on your behalf.

Rebate / Incentive Potential

The potential of each individual rebate / incentive to be acquired varies based on a number of factors including specific utility financial offers, equipment type, energy savings, etc. Rebates can range anywhere from several hundred to several thousand dollars.

Rebate / Incentive Service

Madison provides its rebate / incentive service at no upfront cost and is compensated based on performance. All that is required is the completion of a multi-point checklist that we will use to complete the process and do what we do best…contribute dollars to your bottom line.

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