Utility Invoice Verification

The simple fact is that utility companies often make mistakes when it comes to billing client accounts. This can occur for multiple reasons:

Incorrect rate plans applied

Volume discounts not offered

Monthly usage is estimated and then never revised for accuracy

The result of these unintentional, yet frequent mistakes can add up to tens of thousands of dollars over time. Madison’s Utility Invoice Verification service verifies the accuracy of your billing, finds costly mistakes and obtains credits/refunds on your behalf.

The Opportunities

Madison is able to review and analyze past invoices for all four major utilities:


Natural Gas



The Solution

Auditing utility invoices can be a complicated process. Madison’s team of expert auditors have the ability to review past utility invoices and locate errors such as incorrect rate plans, missed adjustments from prior estimations, etc., thus creating the opportunity for refunds or credits back to you.

Once complete, a detailed report will be generated with all supporting documentation necessary. Madison’s lead auditor then presents this information to the utility on your behalf and pursues the refunds and credits that are due.

Creating Savings For The Future

After we are able to identify and resolve the reasons for past incorrect billing, not only can we expect those savings to continue from then on, Madison has the tools to negotiate lower rates in deregulated markets on your behalf, at no cost to you.

This creates multiple layers of savings that you can carry into the future; savings that will directly affect your bottom line.

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