EC Motors are a proven, main stream technology and have been studied extensively throughout the US. This technology is employed within the refrigeration industry in order to reduce energy consumption at the evaporator fans in walk-in coolers and freezers.

The ECMTEK controller works in conjunction with 2 speed EC (electronically commutated) motors to maximize their efficiency and nearly double the energy savings provided by EC motors alone.

The EC Advanced Motor Controller functions by sensing the operational status of the cooling system, and controls the speed of the EC evaporator fans. When the thermostat is satisfied and the compressor cycles off, the ECMTEK controller will sense the compressor off cycle and will switch the motors to the slower speed.

It is a fact that all of the electrical power which is used by the fan motors ends up as heat inside the refrigerated space.

By operating the fans at a low speed when no cooling is called for, and at high speed only when the system is actively cooling the refrigerator, much less heat is introduced into the refrigerator.

Although this results in an additional savings in evaporator fan motor energy consumption, the reduction in fan motor heat generated causes a significant reduction in refrigeration operation, saving enough energy at the compressor to almost double the savings provided by the EC motors alone.

The ARC – Advanced Refrigeration Controller provides an advanced method for controlling and monitoring your coolers and freezers and allows you to maximize the amount of energy you save. These reductions in energy are made possible by the latest control algorithms available in modern refrigeration.

Simply stated, the ARC is the best and most effective way to manage your refrigeration and its energy.


1. High Efficiency: A big advantage of EC motors is that they are significantly more efficient when compared to AC motors.  EC motors maintain a high level (65 to 90 percent depending on size) of efficiency at a variety of speeds.   This is not true for AC motors operated on variable frequency drives. As a result, ECM’s are cost and energy efficient and can reduce operating costs.  In most cases they use from less than one third to one half of the electricity used by traditional induction motors used in HVAC applications.


2. Ease of Control: ECM’s are DC motors that function using a built-in inverter and a magnet rotor (no external VFD).  The motor’s operation is simply controlled by software allowing customers to optimize and integrate the motor, fan and controller with the application.  Features like data communications, constant volume control and variable speed control are simple to integrate.

3. Low Operating Temperatures:  EC motors’ high efficiency also means that the motors run “cool”, and dramatically reduce the amount of waste heat produced.

4. Extended Life:  Motor life of the ECM is extended due to its low operating temperature operation.  ECM’s are also relatively low-maintenance; the use of true ball bearings reduces the need for oiling, and varied start-up speeds reduce stress on mounting hardware.  Less components,  less trouble.

5. Quiet Operation:  EC motors are also quieter than traditional inefficient motors.

6. Wider Operating Range:  EC motors also have a wider operating range than traditional induction motors, which means that one EC motor can replace a number of induction motor models. In this way, the number of models required by a typical customer is significantly decreased, which decreases and simplifies inventory.

7. Compact footprint:  EC motors have a reduced footprint.  They provide a significant savings in design layout for units.

ECMTEK takes refrigeration efficiency a step further with its patented motor controller and is able to deliver significantly increased energy savings.


ECMTEK replaces existing inefficient shaded pole and PCM motors with a more efficient option that delivers significant energy savings.

Proof of Concept

In a world of better mousetraps, Madison Energy understands the needs and benefits of proving its technology better than anyone else. To that end, we have developed a single process that allows us to illustrate a side by side comparison of energy usage / savings that utilizes accurate measurement tools as well as 3rd party independent verification of data and reporting.


  • Up to 93% reduction on energy costs at the evaporator coil
  • Fan motor heat reduced by 70-80%
  • Guaranteed ROI under 24 months
  • MT controls utilize digital moisture sensors that activate upon threat of moistureUtility Rebate Programs
  • Increased equipment’s lifespan
  • Reduced maintenance costs

50-85% kWh reduction

12-18 Month Return on Investment

Proven technology / Independently tested and verified

Installation takes approx. 45 minutes per motor / controller

Display cases remain sweat, frost, and ice free

Significant Reduction in CO2 emmissions

Eligible for both utility rebates and financing

3-Year Warranty