Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTAC) and Packaged Terminal Heat Pumps (PTHP) installed across the country outnumber all other HVAC systems combined. They are self-contained HVAC systems commonly found in hotels, motels, apartments, condos, schools, medical facilities and offices nationwide.

IntelliPTAC is a moisture proof PCBA with a combination of software, firmware and circuitry designed to optimize efficiency of operation of PTAC/PTHP units through intervening control of PTAC / PTHP system component activity. Subtle influences on system activity result in substantial savings in PTAC operating cost; usually about 10-15%.

PTAC/PTHP Control Panelsusually have buttons or dials to set the machine to condition the air in a room to a desired temperature. When the room reaches the temperature set point, the PTAC heat exchanger unit / cooling compressor cycles off.

The fan, however, continues to run for about sixty seconds. Studies show that PTAC / PTHP heat exchanger coils also retain energy after the compressor and fan rest. The heater remains hot or the coils remain cold and wet. It is the IntelliPTAC that initiates recovery of this otherwise wasted energy. The device works by extending the fan operation for a variable time period based on its assessment of current session activity. It takes advantage of system component heating/cooling energy that is, otherwise, lost.

In most situations, the amount of time the fan continues to operate after the compressor shuts off varies with the amount of time the compressor has spent on and off during a service session as determined by the IntelliPTAC microprocessor and firmware. The additional fan run time indicates how much cold water is condensed on the evaporative coil and how much left over energy is stored in the heat exchanger when the compressor cycles down.

All things considered, IntelliPTAC recovers and delivers more heating and cooling energy to the conditioned room than is possible with original PTAC/PTHP. This device will improve the efficiency by delivering additional heating or cooling capacity for a reduced amount of additional electric energy (kWh). IntelliPTAC also extends the service life of the equipment through greater efficiency and fewer cycles.

An innovative energy efficiency technology that is changing the way the hospitality industry cools food and beverage product.


IntelliPTAC retrofits to the high voltage boards of PTAC units like those found in hotels and takes approximately 30 minutes to install.

Proof of Concept

In a world of better mousetraps, Madison Energy understands the needs and benefits of proving its technology better than anyone else. To that end, we have developed a single process that allows us to illustrate a side by side comparison of energy usage / savings that utilizes accurate measurement tools as well as 3rd party independent verification of data and reporting.

10-15% kWh Reduction ($300-$500 annually)

12 Month Return on Investment

Proven technology 

Installation in 30 minutes

Reduces compressor run-time by 10%

Significant Reduction in CO2 emmissions

Eligible for both utility rebates and financing

3-Year Warranty