1. Discovery

Madison works with its clients to discuss past experiences, identify opportunities, determine objectives, and define success metrics.

2. Site Survey

The site survey consists of visiting selected pilot locations to evaluate equipment for compatibility and operational condition. 

3. Establish Baseline

Numerous variables play a role in these kinds of energy projects.  In order to ensure accuracy, Madison connects metering equipment to the record baseline energy consumption at the circuit level.

4. Capture Performance

After recording one week of baseline energy consumption, Madison installs its technologies on the equipment being considered for retrofit upgrades.  Metering continues.

5. Decommission and Analysis

After the second week of metering, meters are uninstalled, and the data downloaded.  That data is then sent to 3rd party engineers for analysis and reporting.

6. Project Proposal Delivery

The results of the pilot including kWh reduction, dollar savings, etc. are delivered in transparent fashion and contain screenshots from the meters as well as the actual raw data.

7. Project Execution

Madison delivers turnkey projects and manages every aspect from start to finish including equipment diagnostics, installation reporting, and compatibility upgrades when necessary.

8. Post Install Verification

Once the project is complete, Madison conducts follow up testing in order to ensure its clients are saving the energy initially projected. 

9. Obtain Utility Incentives

Madison’s technologies are often eligible for utility rebate programs.  We work on a contingency basis to obtain the most incentives possible, thereby reducing our clients’ overall investment.

10. Utility Invoice Verification

As a final step, Madison conducts an audit of its clients’ utility invoices in order to ensure billing accuracy.  If errors are found, Madison will make recommendations.

While Madison Energy’s Proof of Concept Program is thorough, it remains non-invasive to our client’s daily operations.  The program is designed to be accurate and efficient while meeting the needs of our clients who wish to conduct a trial period of our technology.  Its purpose is to prove the efficacy of our products while also illustrating the value of the investment in terms of ROI.  

Madison Energy has built a reputation for delivering the highest quality technology with proven performance.  Our proof of concept program is the means by which we bridge the gap between introducing innovation and market acceptance.