Utility Expense Management

Madison Energy’s Utility Expense Management service is the most comprehensive EaaS (Energy as a Service) platform on the market and includes all applicable technologies and services rolled into one consolidated monthly invoice.  The goal is simple: Reduce, Control, Verify and Monitor your utility expenses in the most effective and efficient ways possible. With Madison’s UEM platform, you’ll get value and results without any upfront expense.  

Our approach begins with a comprehensive review of your utilities followed by an in-depth audit of each invoice going back 36 months.  We’ll identify any errors and obtain the credits for you. We then renegotiate each monthly expense contract on your behalf to get you better pricing without ever changing your provider (unless approved).  From there we’ll go to market in all deregulated areas where you have facilities and obtain the lowest available rates on your behalf.

Our procurement platform favors short term contracts and will move you in and out of the market as needed in order to follow the market and maintain low rates.  We’ll also provide ongoing monitoring and monthly reporting to ensure rates and accuracy. Now that we’ve reduced expenses, obtained credits and increased cash flow, we’ll deploy applicable energy efficiency technologies.  Our focus is refrigeration, HVAC and lighting. As part of the technology deployment, Madison will submeter selected locations in order to obtain performance data as well as perform a full audit of building equipment on your behalf and deliver its findings to you.  

Energy efficiency projects are executed turnkey with Madison performing all installations and are delivered via on-bill financing.  Madison self funds its projects for 36 months guaranteeing them to be cash flow positive. Finally, we will work with your utility company(ies) in order to obtain all available rebates using the data we collected during the measurement and verification process.

COMPONENTS OF Total Utility Expense Management

Invoice Consolidation / Processing


Rate Negotiation


Utility Invoice Verification


Intelligent Analysis and Reporting


Efficiency Technology Solutions


Project Incentives and Tax Credits



Natural Gas


Water / Sewer


Waste / Recycling




Business moves faster than ever, and many companies are spread thin.  

Is there a definitive process in place to proactively monitor utility expenses

Is your firm verifying utility invoices on an ongoing basis?

Is your firm getting all the incentives, rebates and tax credits available?

Is your firm getting the absolute best rates available?

Are you employing proven strategies to reduce energy consumption?

If asked, could you provide detailed reporting to illustrate the above?

Chances are the answer to most if not all the above questions is no.  That is why Madison Energy developed the Total Utility Expense Management platform.  Connect with us today to learn more!